Happy New Year 2020

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New Year’s Day is an event that is celebrated all over the world. It usually begins December 31, called ‘New Year’s Eve’ and the last day according to the Gregorian calendar and ends January 1, regarded as the first day of the new year.

New Year’s Day is celebrated by people in different ways. During the eve of the new year, people gather and party, where they eat, drink, dance and wait for the clock to strike midnight. Others light fireworks, visit their loved ones and do their own rituals while waiting for the arrival of the new year.

When the clock strikes 12, fireworks and enormous cheer erupt from the crowd. Music and live broadcast celebration can be seen on TVs, radios and on the internet.

New year is the day and time when a new calendar year starts and when the count goes back to January 1. On the Gregorian and Julian calendar, January 1, 2020 is the very first day of the year and is largely considered the de facto calendar by many countries and cultures.

Even for some cultures that do not follow the Gregorian calendar, Happy New Year 2020 is still important and warrants a celebration.

Chinese New Year. The ‘new year’ for the Chinese calendar falls on the first lunar calendar day, which can be anywhere between January 20 to February 20.

Vietnamese New Year. Considered the most important holiday in Vietnam, the range of date ‘new year’ can fall follows Chinese New Year, e.g., January 20 to February 20.

African New Year. Also known as ‘Odunde Festival’, African New Year is recognized in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and falls on the 2nd Sunday in June.

Cambodian New Year. Chaul Chnam Thmey is recognized on April 13 or 14 and goes for three days. The first day of the New Year is called ‘Moha Songkran’, while the second is ‘Virak Wanabat’ and lastly, the third is called ‘Virak Loeurng Sak’.

Depending on religion, New Year’s Day can fall on any month or season.

Jewish New Year. Begins as soon as the sun sets on the 1st day of October or September, then ends at sundown on the 10th day.

Indian New Year. Based on the Hindu calendar, which also has several variations on its own depending on region. Due to the diverse culture, Hindus celebrate New Year’s Day almost every month.

Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah doesn’t follow the Gregorian calendar but it’s usually celebrated on October or September.

As the name implies, New Year is about new beginnings, a new life and new desires. Several religions believe that the self is reborn every year in that they can leave their old memories behind and redeem themselves by promising to do better or turn things around for the year ahead.

For others, it’s an event that’s retrospect, a reflection of things that happened and looking forward to what’s in store for the upcoming calendar year. It’s not uncommon for revelries to be about nostalgic trips and reminiscing the good times during the last twelve months. New Year’s resolutions lists and promises are also written down by hopefuls who want to improve themselves.

New Year’s Eve is a globally-celebrated holiday in countries such as the U.S., the UK, Canada and Australia.

Places such as London, New York, Las Vegas, Brazil, Dubai and Hong Kong are famous as Happy New Year 2020 destinations because they throw the biggest parties which spreads out to the streets. Usually, the streets are crowded with people waiting for the countdown to the New Year and having a great time.

Everyone around the world celebrates New Year’s Eve- it’s one of the biggest occasions and public holiday, after all. The number of people who gather and wait for the new year is in the billions. Some drink, eat and party while others retreat to quiet contemplation and offer up their prayers and thanks.

The fact is, all religions have their own form of New Year’s Day, with unique customs and traditions. There’s the Buddhist New Year, the Bahai New Year, the Celtic New Year, the Jewish New Year, the Parsi New Year, the Sikh Nanakshahi New Year, the Islamic New Year, the Hindu New Year, the Chinese New Year and the Gregorian New Year.

As long as time passes and humans and cultures exist, we can look forward to New Year every year.

Fireworks, or commonly known as firecrackers are small pyrotechnic instruments that make a loud noise. In ancient times, fireworks and noise-making were believed to ward off evil spirits and bring about good luck on New Year’s Eve. Other beliefs include children jumping during the first few seconds of New Year’s day to get taller, wearing polka-dot clothes or having coins in their pockets for good fortune and prosperity. Today, fireworks have become a part of New Year festivities because it’s exciting and wonderful to look at.

Some of the biggest and most popular venues charge tickets or admission for fireworks during a spectacular show. These can sell out months ahead as anticipation for the event builds up. But millions of people can get a fireworks treat for absolutely 100% free by finding strategic spots near the venue, or simply looking up at the sky when the clock strikes 12. You can also watch live fireworks being streamed on the internet on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Some of the biggest shows include the following:
– In Sydney, Australia, more specifically at the Harbour Bridge is a skyshow that’s held each year.
– In London, people gather at the River Thames to see fireworks being launched around the London Eye.
– In Singapore, a futuristic pyrotechnics show is held at the Star Island in Marina Bay.
– In Dubai, there’s a grand fireworks spectacle at the Burj Khalifa.

There are a lot of major public activities and celebrations that happen on January 1. Some include the following:

New Year’s Day is a traditional date where college football games are accompanied by events such as the Tournament of Roses and other activities.

In the US and since 2010, the First Day Hikes is offered on 50 State Parks around the country.

Different people celebrate Happy New Year 2020 in different ways. For Christians, there are watchnight services held on the cusp of New Year, where people of faith can confess and review their life, then prepare for the upcoming year with resolutions and praying.

In Celtic religion, the people offer their ancestors food and drinks and welcome them to the new era.

Aside from following traditions, we celebrate the year past and greet the new one with joy and excitement.

The New Year symbolizes hope, reflection and resolution for almost all people around the world. It’s one of the best days to stop, relax and think about the good and bad of the past and how we can better ourselves moving forward.

It’s a universal date that means we all get an opportunity to live and learn from the past and improve for the better. The transition from the current calendar year to the new one brings a renewed sense of hope and excitement knowing that the slate is wiped clean. It’s a momentous occasion that gives everyone the chance to spend time with their friends, family and loved ones.